Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Istilah/Singkatan yang ada di kaskus atau di internet

Terkadang kita sering bingung sama singkatan-singkatan yang ada di kaskus atau di dunia maya/internet, nah ini ada arti dan penjelasan dari singkatan tersebut :)

IMHO : In My Humble Opinion...alias "ini mah opini saya"
OOT : Out of Topic...alias "gak nyambung sama topik"
OMG = Oh My God
Masbaz = Masih Bazah ( baru dicat )
CMIIW = Correct Me If Iam Wrong 
ASAP = As Soon As Possible
IMHO: in my humble/honest opinion
FYI: for your information
BTW: by the way
GTG: Got to Go
WB: Welcome Back
LoL: Laughing Out Loud
ROFL: Rolling On the Floor Laughing ( ktawa guling2 di lantai )
ASL: Age, Sex, Location
OIC: Oh I See
BRB: Be Right Back
FAQ: Frequent Ask Questions
NP: Now Playing
OOT: Out Of Topic
HTH: Hope This Help
OOP: Out Of Print
Japri: Jalur Pribadi, PM = Private messages
Milis: Mailing List
Re: Reply
Fwd: Forward
ASAP: As Soon As Possible
2: to
b: be
AFAIK: as far as i know
AKA: also known as
ATM: at the moment
B4: before
CFV: call for votes
FWIW: for what it's worth
FYA: for your amusement
GA: go ahead
HHOJ: ha ha only joking
HHOK: ha ha only kidding
HHOS: ha ha only serious
IAE: in any event
IDK: i don't know
IMO:in my opinion
IMNSHO: in my not so humble opinion
IMNERHO: in my not even remotely humble opinion
IOW: in other words
IRL: in real life
IYKWIM: if you know what i mean
JK: just kidding
L8R: later
OTOH: on the other hand
OTTH: on the third hand
RFC: request for comment
RFD: request for discussion
RSN: real soon now
TIA: thanks in advance
TNX: thanks
WRT: With regard/respect to
WYSIWYG: what you see is what you get
YMMV: your mileage may vary
YMMVG: your mileage may vary greatly
CMIIW: correct me if i'am wrong
FYEO : for your eyes only
GPP : ga apa-apa.. 
GRP = Good Reputation Point
BRP = Bad Reputation Point
BTT= Back to topic
YM=yahoo messenger
CCPB = Cara Curang Program Bajakan
TS = Thread Starter
ASAIC = As Soon As I Can
BBL : Be Back Later
BRB : Be Right Back
DOUTH : Do You Think?
F2F : Face To Face
SPS = Speed Posting Society

Tambahan :
TOKBB = Tiap Orang Kan Beda Beda 

Icon/Simbol pada SMS

:-) = smiling
;-) = Kidding Or Teasing
:-D = Laughing
:-I = Determined
|-O = Yawning
:-/ = Sceptical
:-( = Not Happy
>:-( or :-|| = Angry
:-& = Tongue-Tied
:-@ = Shouting Or Screaming
:-C = Disappointed
:'-( = Crying
:-O = WOW!
:-X = Sealed Lips
£-) = Greedy
:-P = Raspberry!
}:-) = Mischievous
O:-) = Angel
:->< = Shocked
:-o zz = Bored
|-I = Sleeping
|-O = Snoring
%-} = Drunk
%+\ = Spaced Out

hbtu : Happy birthday to you
@WRK ; At work (Sedang kerja)
2bctnd ; To be continued. (Bersambung)
2d4 : To die for (Sangat berharga)
2g4u : Too good for you (terlalu bgs u/ mu)
2Ht2Hndl : Too hot to handle. (Tak bisa dipegang)
2l8 : Too late (Terlambat)
2WIMC : To whom it may concern (Kpd yg berkepentingan)
4e : Forever (Selamanya)
4yeo :For your eyes only (Rahasia)

U > You (Kamu)
UR > You are (Kamu)
URT1 > You are the one (kamulah orangnya)
VRI > Very (Sangat)
W4u > Waiting for you (Menantimu)
WAN2 > Want to (Ingin)
WLUMRyMe > Will you marry Me? (Maukah kau menikah denganku?)
WRT > With respect to (Salam hormat untuk)
WUWH : Wish you were here (Andai kau di sini.)
AAM : As a matter of fact. (Sebenarnya.)
ADctd2uv : Addicted to Love (Mabuk kepayang)
AFAIK :As far as I know (Sepanjang pengetahuanku.)
AKA : Also known as (dikenal juga sebagai)
ALlWanIsU : All I want is You (Hanya kau yang kuinginkan)
AML : All my love (Seluruh cintaku)
ASAP : As soon as possible (Secepat mungkin)
ATB : All the best (Yang terbaik)
ATW : At the weekend (Di akhir pekan)
AWHFY : Are we having fun yet (Sudah senang-senang belum?)
B4 : Before (Sebelum)
BBFN : Bye Bye for now. (Sampai jumpa)
BBS : Be back soon (Segera kembali)
BBSD : Be back soon darling (Segera kembali,Sayang)
BCNU : Be seein' you (Sampai nanti)
BF : Boy Friend (Pacar)
BGWM : Be gentle with me (Jangan kasar pdku)
BMW : Be my wife (Maukah kau jadi istriku)
BRB : Be right back (Segera kembali)
BTW : By the way (Omong-omong)
Cm Call me (Telepon aku)
Cu See you (Sampai jumpa)
CUIMD See you in my dreams (Sampai jumpa dalam mimpi)
Cul See you later (Sampai ketemu lagi)
CUL8R See you later (sampai ketemu lagi)
Dk > Don't know (Tak tahu)
Dur? > Do you remember (Kau ingat)
E2eg> Ear to ear grin (Menyeringai lebar)
EOD > End of discussion (Akhir perbincangan)
EOL > End of lecture (Akhir perkuliahan)
F? > Friends (Kawan)
F2F > Face to face (Berhadapan)
F2T > Free to talk (Bebas Bicara)
FITB > Fill in the Blank (Isi titik-titik, isi sendiri bagian yang
FYEO > For your eyes only. (Rahasia)
FYA > For your amusement (Untuk senang2)
FYI > For your information (Sebagai informasi)
GF> Girlfirend. (Pacar)
GG => Good Game (Ucapan ketika kedua pihak yang berseteru selesai
melakukan pertandingan)
Gr8 > Great (bagus)
GSOH > Good Salary, Own Home (Gaji OK, punya rumah)
GTSY > Glad to see you (Senang bertemu dgmu)
h2cus > Hope to see you soon (Kuharap kita akan segera bertemu lagi)
H8 > Hate (Benci)
HAGN > Have a good night (Selamat tidur)
HAND > Have a nice day (Selamat bersenang2)
HldMeCls > Hold me close (Peluk aku erat-erat)
Ht4U > Hot for You ("Panas" untukmu)
H&K > Hugs and Kisses (Peluk cium)
IDK => I dont know (Aku tak tahu)
IIRC > If I recall correctly (KL tdk salah ingat)
IMHO => In my humble opinion (Menurutku)
IMI => I mean it (Aku sungguh-sungguh)
ILU > I love You (Aku cinta padamu)
IMBLuv > It must be Love (Ini pasti cinta)
IOW > In other words... (Dengan kata lain.)
IOU => I owe you (Aku berhutang padamu)
IUSS > If you say so (Baiklah)
J4F > Just for fun (Sekedar bersenang-senang)
JFK > Just for kicks (Iseng-iseng)
JstCllMe > Just call Me (Telepon saja aku)
KC > Keep cool (Tetap tenang, jangan langsung marah, dst)
KHUF > know how you feel (aku mengerti perasaanmu)
KIT > Keep in touch (hubungi aku terus)
KOTC > Kiss on the cheek (Cium pipi)
KOTL > Kiss on the lips (Cium bibir)
X! > Typical Woman (Wanita biasa)
X > Kiss (Cium)
XclusvlyUrs > Exclusively Yours (Milikmu seorang)
Y! > Typical Man (Pria biasa)
YBS > You'll be Sorry (Kau akan menyesal)
L8 > Late (Telat, malam)
L8r > Later (Nanti)
Lol > Laughing out loud (Tertawa terbahak-bahak)
LTNC > Long time no see (Lama tak jumpa)
LtsGt2gthr > Lets get together (Kita ketemu yuk)
M$ULkeCrZ > Miss you like Crazy! (Rindu kamu ½ mati)
M8 > Mate (Kawan, pasangan)
MC > Merry Christmas (Selamat Natal)
MGB > May God Bless (Semoga Tuhan Memberkati)
Mob > Mobile (Mobil, bergerak)
MYOB > Mind your own Business (Jangan ikut campur)
NA> No access (Tak blh msk, tak ada akses)
NC> No comment (Tak ada komentar)
NWO > No way out (Tak ada jalan keluar)
O4U > Only for you (Hanya untukmu)
OIC > Oh, I see. (Oh, begitu.)
OTOH > On the other hand (Di sisi lain).
PCM > Please call me (Tolong telepon aku)
PPL > People (Orang-orang)
QT > Cutie (Orang yang Lucu, imut, keren)
R > Are
RMB > Ring my Bell ( tolong ingatkan aku)
ROTFL > Roll on the floor laughing (Tertawa terpingkal-pingkal)
RU? > Are you? (Kamu?)
RUOK? > Are you Ok? (Kamu baik-baik saja?)
SC > Stay cool (Tenanglah.)
SETE > Smiling Ear to Ear (Tersenyum lebar)
SO > Significant Other (Pendamping)
SOL > Sooner or later (Cepat atau lambat)
SME1 > Some One (Seseorang)
SRY > Sorry (Maaf)
SWALK > Sent with a loving Kiss (Dikirim dengan cium mesra)
SWG > Scientific Wild Guess (Tebakan ilmiah
T+ > Think positive (Berpikir positif)
T2ul > Talk to you later (Nt kita bicara lagi ya.)
TDTU > Totally devoted to you (Cinta mati padamu)
Thx > Thanks (Terima kasih)
T2Go > Time to Go (Waktunya berpisah)
TIC > Tongue in Cheek (Ramah)
TMIY > Take me I'm yours (Aku milikmu)
TTFN > Ta ta for now. (Sampai jumpa)
ML = Making Love
WTF = want to find
WTS = want to sell
TY = thanks you
YW = Your Welcome
COD = Cash On Delivery
CBD = Cash Before Delivery 
MaHo = Mana Hostnya = Mana Pembawa Acara / MCnya
MC = Master ceremony
cistik = CYSTG = Can You Solve This Game
DP = Disturbing Picture
KSP = Kritik, Saran, dan Pertanyaan
BP = Berita dan Politik
AMH = Anime Manga Haven
ROFLMAO = Rolling on floor laughing my ass off
maho = manusia homo
males = manusia lesbi
kimpoi = nikah

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