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Tupac Amaru Shakur's Quotes

"The people made me from the littlest crack head to the biggest baller so if iam bad its because of the bay and if iam good its because of the bay"

"I believe that everything you do bad comes back to you. So everything that I do that's bad, I'm going to suffer for it. But in my heart, I believe what I'm doing... is right. So I feel like I 'm going to heaven. I think heaven is just when you sleep, you sleep with a good conscience, you don't have nightmares. Hell is when you sleep, the last thing you see is all the f*cked up things you did in your life and you just see it over and over again, cause you don't burn. If that's the case, it's hell on earth cause bullets burn."

"Only God can judge me."

"Hell, no. There's nobody in the business strong enough to scare me." (When asked whether he went to Death Row Records for protection.)

"I'm tired of being a nice guy, i've been poor all my life, but don't know quite why, so they label me a lunatic, could care less death or success, is what I quest cause i'm fearless."

"We talk a lot about Malcom X and Martin Luther King JR, but It's time to be like them, as strong as them. They were mortal men like us and everyone of us can be like them. I don't want to be a role model. I just want to be someone who says, this is who i am, this is what i do. I say what's on my mind."

"As far as jealousy, being a celebrity,

No matter who committed the crime, they all yell at me. And the media is greedier than most. You could sell em your soul and they'll be on ya till a nigga's a ghost.

And everyday I read the paper, there's another lie. They show my picture for the crimes of another guy."

"Well, the first two days in prison, I had to go through what life is like when you've been smoking weed for as long as I have and then you stop. Emotionally, it was like I didn't know myself."

"I feel like Black Jesus got his hands on me and guides me through life to put me where I'm supposed to be..."

"Life's a wheel of fortune and it's my chance to spin it."

"I thought i had friends but in the end n*iggaz dies lonely."

"In my death, people will understand what I was talking about."

"Now the whole worlds callin me a killer all I ever did was try to reach the kids with the realer."

"How can I survive? Got me askin white Jesus will a nigga live or die, cause the Lord can't see us in the deep dark clouds of the projects, ain't no sunshine No sunny days and we only play sometimes."

"I am societies child, this is how they made me, and now im sayin what's on my mind and they dont want that. This is what you made me America."

"Let me say for the record, I am not a gangster and never have been. Im not the thief who grabs your purse. Im not the guy who jacks your car. Im not down with the people who steal and hurt others. Im just a brother who fight back."

"My only fear of death is comin back reincarnated."

"I'm 100 percent original, and that's what got me here. My rap music is more understandable, slower. It tells a story. You can write a book on each of my thoughts."

"It always happens, all the n*ggaz that change the world die, they dont get to die like regular people, they die violently."

"If you walked by a street and you was walking a concrete and you saw a rose growing from concrete, even if it had messed up petals and it was a little to the side you would marvel at just seeing a rose grow through concrete. So way is it that when you see some ghetto kid grow out of the dirtiest circumstance and he can talk and he can sit across the room and make you cry, make you laugh, all you can talk about is my dirty rose, my dirty stems and how am leaning crooked to the side, u can't even see that I've come up from out of that."

"You gotta make a change. Its time for us as a people to start making some changes, lets change the way we eat, lets change the way we live, and lets change the way we treat each other. You see the old way wasn't working so its on US, to do what we gotta do to survive."

"I am societies child, this is how they made me, and now im sayin what's on my mind and they dont want that. This is what you made me America."

"Let me say for the record, I am not a gangster and never have been. I`m not the thief who grabs your purse.I`m not the guy who jacks your car. I`m not down with the people who steal and hurt others. I`m just a brother who fight back."

"The american dream wasn't meant for me, cause lady liberty's a hypocrite she lied to me, promised me freedom, education, and equality never gave me nothing but slavery but now look at how dangerous you made me callin me a mad man because im strong and bold."

"Everybody's at war with different things...I'm at war with my own heart sometimes".

"They got money for wars but they can't feed the poor."

"The only thing America respects is power and power concedes nothing. After the LA Riots, they tried to calm us down and nothing changed since."

"I truly believe I've been blessed by God, and God walks with me."

"Though are hands are chained like they are, they haven't taken music from us yet. So that's how I'll fight. People tell me don't quit like everyone else. I wont have no fear."

"When I die and they come for me bury me a g."

"If God wanted me to be quiet he would've never showed me what he does."

"Life's a wheel of fortune and it's my chance to spin it."

"Though it seems heaven sent we ain't ready to have a black preident."
"The only thing that comes to a sleeping man is dreams."

"I didn't introduce thug life to America. Thug life is America. I don't get why the whole world is fearing me. I am scared, but so are they. It's like I am having a panic attack cause I have 15,000 people wanting to do what I want, listing to everthing I say."

"I feel like role models today are not meant to be put on a pedestal. But more like angels with broken wings"

"One day I'm gonna bust, blow up on this society, why did you lie to me, I couldn't find a trace of humanity."

"There's gonna be some stuff u gonna see that's gonna make it hard To smile in the future, but through whatever you see, Through all the rain and all the pain, you gotta keep your sense of humor. You gotta be able to smile through all this bullsh*t."

"I am crazy, but you know what else: I don't give a fuck."

"My Mama used to tell me if u can't find somethin to live for, you best find somethin to die for"

"And the raps that I'm rappin to my community shouldn't be filled with rage? They shouldn't be filled with same attrocities that they gave me? The media they don't talk about it, so in my raps I have to talk about it, and it seems foreign because there's no one else talking about it."

"Biggie is not a playa. He's never been. He's never had bitches until he got some fuckin' money. That's a trick-that's not a playa."

"Let the Lord judge the criminals."

"I said it in the beginning. That I was gonna take them niggaz out the game and sure enough I will. Already people can't look at Biggie and not laugh."

"Stole my lyrics. I stole his bitch. Took my rhymes. I took his wife. If he talk all that shit about being a playa and I got his wife two days after I got outta jail- imagine that gangsta shit he's talking, imagine how plastic that shit is."

"Have a party at my funeral let every rapper rock it Let the hoes that I used to know, from way before Kiss me from my head to my toe
Gimme a paper and pen so I can write about my life of sin, Couple bottles of gin, in case I don't get in..."

"Dangerous and ambitious while schemin' on gettin' riches. I'm spittin' at tricks cuz I'm addicted to pretty bitches. Currency motivated, not easily terminated,
Now that we made it, my niggaz can never be faded. This is my prophecy, I gotta be paid
All you cowards that try to stop me is beggin' for early graves I thought we was cool I was a fool. Thinkin' you could be true, when I don't fuck with your punk crew."

"My music is not for everyone. It's only for the stong-willed, the [street] soldiers music. It's not like party music- I mean, you could gig to it, but it's spiritual. My musi is spiritual. It's like Negro spiituals, except for the fact that I'm not saying 'We shall Overcome.' I'm saying that we are overcome."

"I'm not the king. I'm not the teacher or nothing like that, but I feel like I don't have no peers. l've been out les than a year, convicted of allegations that usually end niggas careers. Shot five times in the nuts and the head. I came out and in less than a fuckin' year and outsold Biggie almost three times. I sold more records than his whole fuckin' label."

"To me, it really troubling because I took ouver at that's successful- Marky Mark, Hammer, Vanilla Ice, New Kids On The Block selling twenty-two million copies, and I want that so badly, but I can't do that. I would be wrong to do that, knowing what I know and having the brain that I have, for me to even go and write some simple shit would be wrong even though I would get paid and I would get more people's money. I would rather leave something so that when people pick up 2pacalypse Now or any of my other albums in 1999, they'll go, Damn! Brothers had it hard back in the day, but brother were working it out."

"The real tragedy is that there are some ignorant brothers out here. That's why I'm not on this all-White or all Black shit. I'm on this all-real or all fake shit with people, whatever color you are. Because niggaz will do you. I mean, there's some [foul] niggaz out there [in the streets]; the same niggaz that did Malcolm X, the same niggaz that did Jesus Christ- every brother ain't a brother. They will do you. So just because it's Black, don't mean it's cool. And just because it's White don't mean it's evil."

"I remember crying all the time. My major thing growing up was I couldn't fit in. Because I was from everywhere, I didn't have no buddies that I grew up with...Every time I had to go to a new apartment, I had to reinvent myself, myself. People think just because you born in the ghetto you gonna fit in. A little twist in your life and you don't fit in no matter what. If they push you out of the hood and the White people's world, that's criminal...Hell, I felt like my could be destroyed at any moment."

"Gangsta Rap is dead. I've moved on."

"If you know in this hotel room they have food every day and I knock on the door. Every day they open tha door to let me see tha party, let me see that they throwin' salami, throwin' food around telling me there's no food. Every day. I'm standing outside tryin to sing my way in- "We are weak, please let us in. We're week, please let us in." After about a week tha song is gonna change to, "We're hungry, we need some food." After two, three weeks it's like "Give me some of tha food! I'm breakin down tha door." After a year it's like, "I'm pickin' the lock, comin' through the door blastin." It's like, "I'm hungry."

You reached your level, you don't want any more. We asked ten years ago, we were askin' with the Panthers, we were askin' in the Civil Rights Movement. Now those who were askin' are all dead or in jail, wo what are we gonna do? And we shouldn't be angry!?"

"I smoke blunt to take the pain out and if I wasn't high I'd probably blow my brains out."

"If we really are saying that rap is an art form, then we got to be more responsible for our lyrics. If you see everybody dying because of what you are saying, it dont matter that you didnt make them die, it just matters that you didnt save them."

"I don't see why everybody feel as thou that they gotta tell me how to live my life (you know), Let me live baby, Let me live."

'Cause if God wrote the Bible, I'm sure there would have been a revised copy
by now. 'Cause a lot of shit has changed. I've been looking for this revised copy.
I still see that same old copy that we had from then. I'm not disrespecting anyone's religion, please forgive me if it comes off that way, I'm just stating my opinion."

"This is my prophecy, I gotta be paid, All you cowards that try to stop me is beggin' for early graves, I thought we was cool I was a fool, Thinkin' you could be true, when I don't fuck with your punk crew."

R.I.P Tupac Amaru Shakur (June 16, 1971 - September 13 1996)

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